posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2007 5:10 PM by klehan

EM24 Tech Investments Help Dealers Stay Ahead of the Curve

New Advertising Campaign Raises Awareness of the Industry’s Widest Range of Internet Monitoring Capabilities 

Having secured premium positions in the industry’s leading trade publications, EMERgency 24’s new advertising campaign promotes its market-leading technology capabilities to dealers who are looking for a competitive edge.

The main benefit of Internet monitoring services from EMERgency24 includes higher security and supervision capabilities and the industry’s widest range of compatible systems, including AlarmNet, Bosch, DMP, DSC, GE and Napco. Also, by using the Internet as a communication vehicle, there are no longer toll-free 800 telephone or autotest charges, which significantly cut costs for dealers.

The breadth of platforms available from EMERgency24 gives dealers more choice when putting a new system together and allows easy retrofits to upgrade customers to the next-generation technology.

Dealers nationwide are taking notice of EMERgency24’s advertising. Since the campaign was launched four months ago, there has been a marked increase in subscriptions. 

The high-contrast advertisement stands out visually and its message is just as bold: “Keeping up with your competition requires staying ahead of the curve.” Graphically, a disappearing land line represents EMERgency24’s pioneer status as one of the first companies to offer Internet monitoring. 

Although EMERgency24 will continue to offer land-line monitoring for many years to come, be assured that the company remains the leader in technology – and ahead of the industry curve.