posted on Thursday, September 13, 2007 2:38 PM by klehan

Alabama Town Curbing False Alarms with Tiered Fining System

Police Chief Benny Womack said that although false alarm calls for both the fire and police departments are decreasing, he wants to remind his constituents that there is an ordinance requiring residents and businesses to obtain a permit and levies fines for excessive false alarms.

As of July 2007, two years after enacting the ordinance, there has been a reduction in false alarms of almost 25 percent.

“The message I want to convey is the ordinance is working and for citizens to continue their efforts to reduce the incidence of false alarms, and for newcomers to our community to be aware an ordinance does exist requiring them to fill out an application for an alarm permit and pay the $15 fee for a residence or $25 fee for a business, good for three years.”

The permit allows for five false alarm calls within a one-year period. A sixth false alarm call will incur a fine of $100. Each additional false alarm within a calendar year will increase by $25.

Schools and churches are exempt from the $100 fine after the fifth false alarm, but they are required to pay a $25 fine for each additional false alarm the same as a residence or business.