posted on Monday, September 17, 2007 8:57 PM by klehan

Burglar, Dallas Convenience Store Owner Scuffle During Verification

The owner of a Dallas convenience store fought with a burglar who he caught in the act when he arrived to verify an alarm.

A burglar broke into The Top Mart convenience store through a roof-mounted air conditioning unit, which triggered a burglar alarm. "When he came through, he kick it down. Everything came down," said Amjad "Abdul" Aziz, who owns the convenience store with his two younger brothers.

Aziz’s brother, Mohammed Sharif, arrived at the store at roughly 4 a.m. to verify the burglar alarm. He opened the store's iron gate and front door only to come face-to-face with the crook. Sharif recalled, "I opened the door and I go inside. Somebody jumped at me."

Luckily, police arrived on the scene very quickly. They had already seen Sharif near the store at this early hour and had stopped to investigate, thinking that he was a burglar.

Video from a surveillance camera shows Sharif and three police officers struggling to handcuff the suspect. Sharif is grateful that he only hurt his arm.