posted on Thursday, June 13, 2013 3:54 PM by administrator

Memphis May Toughen Alarm Laws

The Memphis, TN, City Council is considering tougher false alarm laws than ones currently in place.

"Twenty percent of the alarm users are causing 80 percent of the problems," said Memphis City Councilman Kemp Conrad.

Here are the proposed changes:

If you have a false alarm, you could pay the $90 dollars per hour it costs for police to respond. Instead of being penalized on the sixth false alarm, you would get five allowable false alarms per year before a fine, suspension or removal of the alarm.

Also, after a seventh false alarm, you could be put on a "Do Not Respond" list. And, if you are operating an alarm without a permit, you could be fined or added to that "Do Not Respond" list.

The council will also review alarm office operations.