posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 4:36 PM by administrator

Conneaut, OH, Explores Alarm Ordinance

Alarms that send Conneaut police and firefighters on wild goose chases could have financial consequences if a new law before City Council is enacted, officials say.

On the table is a measure that would assess fines for excessive, non-emergency alarms. The measure, pushed to a second reading, should resurface at council’s Aug. 12 regular meeting. Down the road is a companion measure that would set penalties for multiple complaints, such as loud music, originating from the same address.

Safety personnel who rush to alarms that are accidentally triggered put people at risk, waste fuel and cause unnecessary wear and tear to vehicles,city officials have said. The measure before council would forgive the first two accidental alarms, said Ward 4 Councilman Thomas Kozesky, public safety committee chairman. A third false alarm within a year’s time would carry a $50 penalty, then climb to $75 for the fourth offense and $125 for subsequent offenses, he said.

Exempt from the alarm count would be activations caused by storms and other so-called “acts of God,” Kozesky said.