posted on Friday, August 30, 2013 5:17 PM by administrator

Prescott, AZ, Alarm Ordinance Reduced False Dispatches 30 Percent

An ordinance that the City of Prescott, AZ, adopted two years ago in an attempt to reduce the time that police officers spend responding to false alarms continues to be refined by the City Council.

In July 2011, the city implemented an ordinance that imposed fines for owners of security alarm systems after two false-alarm warnings.

When the police department initially took the issue to the council in 2010, it reported that officers were responding to nearly 3,000 false alarms per year, resulting in hundreds of hours a year in time spent on non-emergency situations.

The council ultimately approved an ordinance that imposed fines in $100 increments after two false-alarm warnings.

Since then, the number of false alarms in the city has dropped by about 30 percent, Deputy Police Chief Andy Reinhardt told the City Council this week.